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Mehfil e Khatm e Quran on 21 August 2011
Mehfil e Khatm e Quran
Program held on 21 August 2012 at
Dargah e Alia Ashrafia Ashrafabad Firdous Colony Karachi

01-Starting Word by Syed Mustafa Ashraf Jilani mp3 1.79 Mb
02-Naat by Syed Hussain Ashraf Jilani mp3 1.97 Mb
03-Naat by Syed Zulqarnain Ashraf Jilani mp3 5.8 Mb
04-Naat by Syed Affan mp3 2.45 Mb
05-Short Speech by Syed Mustafa Ashraf Jilani mp3 1.58 Mb
06-Naat by Syed Izhar Ashraf Jilani mp3 1.36 Mb
07-Naat by Noman Ashraf Jilani mp3 1.12 Mb
08-Naat by Syed Mukarram Ashraf Jilani mp3 1.84 Mb
09-Speech by Dr Syed Muhammad Ashraf Jilani mp3 12.48 Mb
10-Fatiha Shajrah and Dua mp3 5.37 Mb
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