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Salana Fatiha held on 12-October-2011 at Dargah e Alia Ashrafia
Salana Fatiha held on 12 October 2011
Abu Muhammad Shah Syed Ahmed Ashraf Ashrafi Al Jilani

Under the suppervision of
Abul Mukkaram Dr Syed Muhammad Ashraf Al Ashrafi Al Jilani
at Dargah e Alia Ashrafia Ashrafabad Firdous Colony Karachi Pakistan

01-Naat by Syed Hussain Ashraf Ashrafi Al Jilani mp3 3.27 Mb
02-Mankabat by Muhammad Ibrahim Ashrafi mp3 4.26 Mb
03-Naat by Muhammad Zubair mp3 10.15 Mb
04-Mankabat by Affan Ashrafi mp3 4.04 Mb
05-Naat by Syed Zulqarnain Ashraf Jilani mp3 14.7 Mb
06-Announcements by Syed Ashraf Jilani mp3 2.08 Mb
06-Speech by Syed Ashraf Jilani mp3 12.63 Mb
07-Naat by Anis Saba Ashrafi mp3 10.87 Mb
08-Naat by Atif Ashrafi mp3 9.93 Mb
09-Naat by Asghar Soharwardi mp3 5.77 Mb
10-Naat by Syed Zeeshan Ashraf Jilani mp3 9.5 Mb
11-Naat by Farhan Qadri mp3 16.68 Mb
12-Naat by Mehmood ul Hasan Ashrafi mp3 26.54 Mb
14-Naat by Wajid Ali Qadri mp3 14.14 Mb
16-Salat o Salam By Syed Zeeshan Ashraf Jilani mp3 5.38 Mb
17-Fatiha and Dua mp3 9.2 Mb
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